What a Farmer in Kitale should do during the planting season to have better yields

Planting season is usually on in October.

Soak your seeds with Di Grow Green solutions before planting

Benefits of Soaking seeds with Di Grow
✔️Breaking seed dormancy so that seeds don’t stay for so long before sprouting
✔️ Uniform germination
✔️ Increases the percentage of sprouting
✔️ Improving the sprouting power of the seeds.

For already established Plants 1-2 weeks after planting/transplanting, spray Di Grow Green for the following benefits.
✔️Enhances nutrient absorption by plants roots
✔️Stimulates and Enhances the growth of leaves, stems and roots.
✔️Increases the rate of photosynthesis and plant’s metabolism
✔️Boost plant’s immunity and resistance to diseases
✔️Growth booster, hence Stimulates the vegetative growth of plants
✔️Shortens the time at which harvesting begins especially to the varieties of plants which take long before maturity.

Have a prosperous farming year

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