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What do you do once your chickens arrive from your supplier?

1) 2 hrs before chicks arrival,you must have switched on the brooder warmer, be it stima, jiko or gas warmer.
2) The wood shavings flooring in the brooder must have been covered with newspaper or a sisal gunia, this is to avoid chicks eating the wood chips.
3) The brooder must be rodent proof, and no kids should come into the brooder area.

🐣 Now chicks are here….what next?

🐥Ensure you have liquid parafin and glucose/amino acids/vitamin drink ready.
🐥As you remove the chicks from their box, observe them, check for any strange looking ones and isolate.
🐥Quality chicks are active, bright eyed, round and fluffy, it should be able to run around when you try to catch it.
🐥The chicks should not be having a protruding navel, also check for crippled chicks and report to your supplier.
🐥Make sure you have been given a vaccination schedule for your chicks by your supplier.
🐥Feed them after 20 minutes of taking water (power shot) make sure every chick has taken the water mixed with Di Grow
📌Always ensure anyone getting into the chicken coop is disinfected, to avoid transferring diseases to your poultry.

Self diagnosis and medicine recommendations.

1⃣ Flu-like symptoms and/ swollen heads:
use any of these; Respimint, Coloxan, Doxin, Interflox or Coliflox

2⃣Sick birds with red/blood droppings(coccidiosis) :
for these use Sulphur drugs like Sulfacox, Esb3 and Bremamed.

3⃣ Sick birds with watery, greenish or whitish dropping.
use Coloxan, Doxin, Interflox, Coliflox, Sulfacox, Esb3 and Bremamed.

4⃣ Fowl pox, sores and blisters:
use Aliseryl, Nemovit, Sulfacox, Esb3.
Note: Also control biting insects which spread the disease

5⃣ General sickness, inactive birds that seem cold, drooping wings but having normal droppings
use Aliseryl, Nemovit, Terranox, Tylocip

6⃣ Worms in bird droppings or intestines:
use Piperin

7⃣ Growth supplements (boosters)
use Di Grow Green, introchick, broiler vitaboost

8⃣ Egg production supplements (egg booster):
Breeder vitaboost, Nemovit, introchick, Di Grow Green

9⃣ Heat stress:

🔟 Huge liver, water in belly of dead birds , ascites (just a remedy but not cure):
Bedgen-40, introchick.

📌Add aloe vera, garlic or ginger in your poultry’s drinking water.
📌Feed your chickens well to boost their immunity.
📌Ensure the chicken coop is always clean to avoid your chickens getting infections.
📌Ensure to deworm your chickens every 3 months.

NB Feeding Chickens with Di Grow will boost their immune systems against diseases reducing their attack



temelerani Mzomera ngwira · July 25, 2021 at 12:42 pm

Tell me more in poultry how can I use and when do gro

    dynapharm · July 26, 2021 at 2:20 pm

    Thanks for asking. Di grow green is put in the water that the chicken will drink.

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