The range of products manufactured by Dynapharm is wide and also ISO Certified.


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With FDA approval, and ISO Certification, Dynapharm is at the top of its class. Other certifications and awards are displayed at the company HQ.


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Dedicated Dynapharm Leaders who have steered the company to its current success
President and CEO Dynapharm


President & CEO

Let’s find out what our downlines need to do to continuously achieve higher status by Year end

founder MR. OI HO CHOOI


Founder and Chairman

How many chances can you get in your life? Dynapharm can give you the most simple platform to succeed and achieve your dreams;


Here are some touching testimonies
Kho Kwong Chnay

Kho Kwong Chnay

Muscle Pain

My muscle injury occurred many years ago and never recovered. I am now pain free with more mobility.

Masebata Sephiri

Masebata Sephiri

Barren for 15 years

I joined Dynapharm when I had been financially desperate for a long time. I was already married for 15 years. In the 15 years of marriage we had no children until we started using Tongkat Ali, Maharani Warisan, Genseng and Chlorophyll.

Had stroke

Masebata Sephiri

Had Stroke

I joined Dynapharm International in 2018. I had a stroke and I used Total Health Pack and I am now completely healed. I also had financial problems but since I started Dynapharm business, I can afford to buy food and clothes for my family.


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