Benefits of Di Noni Juice by Dynapharm

A popular health drink with origins in the tropics is noni juice. Traditional Tahitian healers and noni juice consumers around the world share similar beliefs that the noni plant can be used to treat a variety of illnesses. Nevertheless, in order to fully comprehend the health advantages of noni juice, human clinical trials are required. Noni juice may offer defense against DNA damage brought on by tobacco smoke, blood lipid and homocysteine increase, as well as systemic inflammation, according to a review of published human intervention studies.

Di NONI 1Ltr

Noni juice may also enhance immunological function, prevent protein glycation, aid in weight management, preserve the health of women’s bones, maintain normal blood pressure, and enhance gum health, according to human intervention studies. Furthermore, these investigations indicate that noni juice exhibits substantial antioxidant activity, more so than other fruit juices used as trial placebos. Many of the health advantages of noni juice that have been noted may be att

ributed to its antioxidant effect and how it interacts with the immune system and inflammation pathways.

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