*HEPATITIS B* is an infection of your liver that can cause:

1. *SCARING* of the liver

2. Liver *FAILURE.*

3. Liver *CANCER.*

Hepatitis B is *transmitted* through exposure to infectious body fluids, such as *Blood, Vaginal secretions, or Semen*

( Exposure can be through sex, injection drugs, sharing razor blades with an infected person, etc)

MILK THISTLE Is The Most Recommended High Grade Liver Protection Product.* It facilitates Healthy, Normal liver function and Detoxification. Milk Thistle helps the liver regenerate normally, work better, and produce more of the important antioxidant enzymes it uses to cleanse the blood especially under stressful conditions.

*PROTECT & STRENGTH YOUR LIVER* by Taking Milk Thistle. *#LiverProtection* *#LiverRegeneration*

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