Is widely recognized by medical circles for its ability to increase blood circulation as well as removing blood
YEEGINKGO stasis. It contains flavonoids that may prevent arteriosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels) and improve blood circulation.

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Cerebral Insufficiency
This refers to a decrease of blood flow and lack of oxygen and glucose supply to the brain, loss of neurons, diminishing nerve cells, and deteriorating nerve connections in the brain. Prolonged cerebral insufficiency will cause loss of other mental faculties such as intellectual recognition, resulting in senility.

Alzheimer’s.s Disease
A condition of the nervous system with severe memory loss. It is characterized by reduced activity of neurotransmitters, which can be increased by GLE.

A stroke occurs when blood supply or oxygen and glucose to the brain is temporarily cut off through a blood clot or a ruptured blood vessel. The brain cells where the part of the brain is affected will die. GIJK protects and promotes recovery for stroke patients by reducing the viscosity of the blood and improving blood flow to the brain.

Intermittent Claudication
When cholesterol deposits on the narrow arteries in the legs, the result is intermittent claudication, pain, cramping, and weakness, particularly in the calves. GLE improves blood flow to the legs. Studies show that ginkgo produced significantly greater pain relief than the standard treatment.

Male Impotence
GLF, helps to relieve male impotence caused by narrowing of the arteries supplying blood to the penile arteries.

Eye Disorder
Eye disorder such as Muscular Degeneration is the leading cause of adult blindness, It involves the deterioration of the retina, the nerve-rich area in the eye responsible for sight. It can be improved by taking GLE.

Hearing Loss
Tinnitus is a progressive loss of hearing in both ears due to the aging of the cochlear hair cells and the nerve fiber. Cochlear deafness which is caused by inadequate blood flow and lack of oxygen to the nerve involved in hearing can be improved by GLE.

PAF causes bronchial constriction in asthma. Ginkgo interferes with PAF and helps to prevent bronchial constriction. Diabetes The therapeutic role of Ginkgo extract on the impairment of visual function of the optic nerve caused by diabetes was tested, Ginkgo extract entraps free radicals and is helpful in preventing visual problems and other complications.

Adults: Take 2-4 tablets daily Children: 1 -2 tablets daily


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