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Dynatonic benefits


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  •  Benefits the lungs;
  • nourishes blood,
  • Recently used for nuetrasthenia and anemia.
  • Invigorates the spleen and energizes the body,
  • Good for poor appetite and diarrhea. It is also soothing to the fetus. Invigorates the liver and kidney, backache with the weakness or the knee joint; and immovability of extremities.
  • Helps in reducing serum cholestrol and relieving atherosclerosis. Invigorates the Kidney and supplement essence especially for deficiency of kidney.
  • Helps in to lower blood pressure.  Helps kidney deficiency syndrome manifested as emission.

Direction :

First week: 1/2 cup (15ml) each time. Following week: 1 cup (30ml) each time. Yo be taken twice a day


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