Dynapharm Products Price list 2023

We appreciate your interest in our products. The price list for our products is available on our website dynapharm.sale.co.ke/price list 2022 Simply navigate to this products page and click on the “View Now” button to access the price list. Thank you for your interest!

Supplements For Glowing SkinCleansing / Detoxifying10,900.00
Bee Pollen Capsule 100’SImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging4,700.00
Bee Pollen Capsule 30’SImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,300.00
Black Coffee Mixture With Ganoderma 2 In 1Immune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,400.00
Black Coffee Mixture WithGanoderma 3 In 1Immune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,600.00
Coffee With Pegaga & Ginkgo 25G X 15’SCleansing / Detoxifying3,600.00
Coffee WithGanoderma , Collagen & Kacip 15’SImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,600.00
D.I. Noni 30Ml*30’SDiet And Weight Management8,700.00
Daily-Vite Multi Vitamins WithLysineImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging2,900.00
Di Grow Green 1LtrCleansing / Detoxifying3,100.00
Di Grow Green 4LtrOrganic Liquid Fertilizer7,600.00
Di Grow Red 1LtrOrganic Liquid Fertilizer2,800.00
Di Grow Red 4LtrOrganic Liquid Fertilizer7,600.00
Di Liquid Chlorophyll 500MlCleansing / Detoxifying4,800.00
Di Noni 1LtrDiet And Weight Management9,300.00
Di Noni 500MlDiet And Weight Management6,200.00
Dyna – Rh Capsule 100’SNatural Relief4,800.00
Dyna C- 100 Tablet 150’SImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,300.00
Dyna C- 250 Tablet 90’SImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,300.00
Dyna Inhaler (2Ml)Natural Relief2,000.00
Dyna S Tablet 120 TabsDiet And Weight Management4,800.00
Dyna Serenoa Tablet 100’SPhysical and Sexual Health5,700.00
Dyna Serenoa Tablet 30’SPhysical and Sexual Health3,600.00
Dyna Tonic 150MlImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,400.00
Dyna Tonic 780MlImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging5,900.00
Dyna Toothbrush (Set Of 3)Cosmetics/Personal Care2,700.00
E Vita Cream 50GCosmetics/Personal Care7,400.00
Eye- Max 5 X 10’SNutritional Supplements7,700.00
Feminine Wash Antiseptic With Sirih 60MlCosmetics/Personal Care2,500.00
Feminine Wash With Gamat 60MlCosmetics/Personal Care2,500.00
Feminine Wash With Kacip Fatimah 60MlCosmetics/Personal Care2,500.00
Ganoderma , Green Tea 20’S X 21GImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,600.00
ganoderma & Tongkat Ali Black Coffee 30’S X 5GPhysical and Sexual Health4,000.00
ganoderma Lotion 150MlCosmetics/Personal Care3,600.00
ganoderma Shower Gel 150MlCosmetics/Personal Care3,600.00
ganoderma Soap 2 X 100GmCosmetics/Personal Care2,900.00
ganoderma Toothpaste 150GCosmetics/Personal Care2,900.00
Ginali Capsule 100’SPhysical and Sexual Health5,700.00
Ginali Capsule 30’SPhysical and Sexual Health3,600.00
Ginseng Capsule 9 X 10’SPhysical and Sexual Health6,600.00
Ginseng Honey Ginger 20G X 20’SPhysical and Sexual Health6,700.00
Goat’S Milk Soap 100GCosmetics/Personal Care2,500.00
Goat’S Milk Tablet 150’SNutritional Supplements3,900.00
Goat’S Milk Tablet 75’SNutritional Supplements3,200.00
Green Tea Capsule 30’SImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,400.00
Green Tea Capsule 60’SImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging4,800.00
Herba Warisan Maharani 6 X 10GPhysical and Sexual Health6,300.00
High Fiber Nutrition Food 30’S X 25GDiet And Weight Management7,400.00
Inst Arabica Coffee WithGoat’S Milk & Ganoderma 20’S 6 In 1Cleansing / Detoxifying4,200.00
Instant Cappuccino With Ganoderma 15’S X 35GCleansing / Detoxifying3,800.00
Instant Coffee With Ganoderma 20’S X 21GCleansing / Detoxifying3,600.00
Instant Coffee With Tongkat Ali 20’S X 21GPhysical and Sexual Health3,200.00
Instant Wheatgrass 20’S X 10GCleansing / Detoxifying3,800.00
Instant .Goat’S Milk Powder PremixImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging4,200.00
Instant Cereal 15’S X 32GDiet And Weight Management4,400.00
Instant Cereal 30’S X 32GDiet And Weight Management6,200.00
Instant Chocolate With Ganoderma 30’S X 30GCleansing / Detoxifying4,400.00
Instant Coffee Mixture With Tongkat Ali Powder And Maca Powder 21G?20’SPhysical and Sexual Health3,200.00
Instant Fiberich N- Meal 32Gm X 10’SDiet And Weight Management4,200.00
Instant Fiberich N- Meal 32Gm X 30’SDiet And Weight Management7,600.00
Instant Ginseng Honey Ginger 500GPhysical and Sexual Health4,200.00
Kenzotakara 12’SCleansing / Detoxifying6,200.00
Kenzotakara 6’SCleansing / Detoxifying4,200.00
Mangosteen Plus Mixed Fruit 1 LtrCleansing / Detoxifying7,600.00
Milk Thistle Tablet 120’SPhysical and Sexual Health5,900.00
Milk Thistle Tablet 30’SPhysical and Sexual Health3,600.00
Mineral PotCosmetics/Personal Care12,200.00
Nano Home Gamat Soap 100GmCosmetics/Personal Care2,500.00
Nano Home Pegaga Soap 100GmCosmetics/Personal Care2,500.00
Noni Plus Tea 30’S X 3GDiet And Weight Management4,500.00
Nutmeg Ointment 2’S X 20GNatural Relief3,100.00
President’S Choice 4 In 1 & Choc 20’SCleansing / Detoxifying4,200.00
Pro- Lsb Tablet 150’SNutritional Supplements5,700.00
Prolink 10’S X 20GImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging4,200.00
Prolink 20’S X 20GImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging6,200.00
Prolink 30’S X 20GImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging7,600.00
Proyoung Beverage 20’S X 10GImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging7,600.00
Red Coffee W/ Ginseng 12’S X 25GImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,600.00
Sea Cucumber Cough Syrup 250MlImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging4,400.00
Sea Cucumber Jelly 250MlPhysical and Sexual Health4,200.00
Sea Cucumber Jelly 500MlPhysical and Sexual Health5,500.00
Sea Water Spirulina Powder 500GNutritional Supplements4,400.00
Soya Bean Mixture With Ginger 20’SCleansing / Detoxifying4,200.00
Soya Bean Powder 454GNutritional Supplements3,800.00
Spirulina Tablet 1,000’SNutritional Supplements8,000.00
Spirulina Tablet 100’SNutritional Supplements3,100.00
Spirulina Tablet 300’SNutritional Supplements4,800.00
Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser 150MlCosmetics/Personal Care3,400.00
Tea Tree Oil Feminine Wash 250MlCosmetics/Personal Care3,600.00
Tea Tree Oil Lotion 250MlCosmetics/Personal Care3,400.00
Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste 175GCosmetics/Personal Care2,900.00
Tongkat Ali Capsule 100’SPhysical and Sexual Health4,500.00
Tongkat Ali Capsule 30’SPhysical and Sexual Health3,100.00
YeeGano Capsule 30’SCleansing / Detoxifying3,100.00
YeeGano Capsule 90’SCleansing / Detoxifying4,800.00
Yeegarlic Capsule 90’SCleansing / Detoxifying4,500.00
Yeeginkgo Tablets 30’SPhysical and Sexual Health3,100.00
Yeeginkgo Tablets 300’SPhysical and Sexual Health10,100.00
Yeeginkgo Tablets 90’SPhysical and Sexual Health4,800.00
Yeeyangyen Tablet 30’SImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging3,100.00
Yeeyangyen Tablet 90’SImmune Boosters/Anti-Aging5,000.00

Do you do home delivery ?

Convenience is a priority. For this reason, Dynapharm Kenya has come up with a delivery service that ensures our customers receive their supplements in a timely and convenient manner. We deliver our Dynapharm supplements free of charge within 3 hours in Nairobi estates and 5 hours in other towns, including gym supplements, joint supplements, dietary supplements, collagen supplements, zinc supplements, and vitamin supplements.

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