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How to take care of your mental Health

Be grateful for this moment you are reading this article. It could be a life-changing moment just to realize you need help. There is nothing to be ashamed of because all of us have something that has affected us negatively in one way or another. It is just life.

1. The filter through that which you preoccupy yourself with. Is it ur mobile phone ? Is it Your television ?your view of the world could be social media which could be very misleading.

This could be what could be making you feel like less of an achiever by comparing with your friend’s seaming achievements. My advice is that you take a break from your phone or computer. You don’t have to view life on outward unrealistic expectations. Feed the inner you with virtues that are unseen with the natural eyes.

2. Refocus coz whenever we experience anxiety or depression or a challenge as humans we tend to break apart mentaly. when it comes to mental health, there are different ways of dealing with our issues, we tend to usually do something to escape the negative feelings. So we resort to eating, drinking, smoking or being careless etc It’s usual behaviors that trigger a destructive cycle, instead of dealing with those things in a healthy and positive way. A change of focus from those destructive behaviors to something that actually benefits you and your well-being will give you peace in the long run.

3. Do for others something that is really interesting to you. when I was depressed or anxious or stressed, I would change my focus outside myself. For example, when you do for others acts of kindness or an activity like jogging, or someone else that has a powerful positive effect on your own emotional being. It can be as simple as calling a friend and saying hi or helping others in your community clean the environment. It could be telling somebody something that you admire about them or cooking for someone, doing the dishes, or even spreading your bed!

4.Eating a healthy Diet is vital to a stable mental health. you can have Vitamins and supplements that can greatly help in you mental stability right here. Free delivery if you are in Nairobi 

Dear Citizens of the world, your health is your health !