I , planting times, share fertilizer application methods for soybean farming.Key takeaways:

  • Soybean and Soil: Soybean grows best in loam soil, which retains nutrients and moisture well.
  • Planting Time: The best time to plant soybean is with the first good rains, ideally by mid-December to avoid yield loss.
  • Fertilizers: Two DiGrow fertilizers are recommended:
  • DiGrow Green: applied at planting and every two weeks until the crop has three to four leaves.
  • DiGrow Red: applied twice during the flowering stage.
  • Dosage: Two liters of DiGrow Green and four liters of DiGrow Red per hectare are required.
  • Foliar Fertilizer Sprays: Legumes fix their own nitrogen, but soybeans can only fix about 20-25% of what they need. DiGrow foliar sprays provide the additional nitrogen required for optimal plant growth and yield.
    I hope this summary is helpful!

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