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One could have the best health supplement in the world, but if no one has heard of it, will anyone buy it? Dynapharm Products have been a household name in Kenya for the last decade and have led to fortunes for thousands of distributors all over the country. Our success as a business is directly linked to our commitment to delivering quality products and providing fast, efficient service.

Dynapharm Products Nairobi Kenya has more than ten different companies under its umbrella, The Dynapharm Group manufacturers and distributes a wide range of products that include nutraceutical, cosmetics, home care, and even agricultural products.

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More and more young Kenyans are actively involved in online businesses


The Dynapharm laboratories are one of the most modern in the world and carry the prestigious GMP certificate for quality manufacturing.


Over the last 35 years, Dynapharm has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the most respected health and Nutrition providers in Asia, Africa, and America. It was one man’s dream and determination to see the quality of life of people around him improve through products that are based on a careful balance of the Best Western and Eastern health principles of cleansing and eliminating bodily wastes. The Vision of Mr. Oi Ho Chooi, the founder, grew even in most parts of Africa e.g in all the East African countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania which have a combined market value of 200 Million people.

In Kenya, Dynapharm Group of Companies has thrived from 2006 to today. More than 5,000 people have been registered since the company arrived in the horn of Africa. Big demand for its quality products like Maharani (for women) has seen the company increase its production capacity, product range, manpower, and markets in various parts of the world including the Middle East. In Kenya, The company has competed with various other Health and Nutritional Supplement providers, for market share but many companies have not had the consistency that Dynapharm has had.

The company has modern production machinery and state-of-the-art quality control facilities, meeting stringent quality standards for the global market. Aside from manufacturing its own products, it also contract-manufactures for other local and international health care companies. Inevitably, its product lines grew to include a wide range of pharmaceutical and health care products, with 10 companies in the Dynapharm group. In 1995, to further enhance its commitment to health, Dynapharm entered the exciting world of person-to-person selling through multi-level or network marketing. Consistent with the health care philosophy that made Dynapharm so uniquely successful, this network marketing operation is now one of the fastest-growing.

Dynapharm Products are divided into these main categories

– Nutritional supplements
– Healthy foods and drinks
– Vitamin supplements
– Skincare products
– Personal care products
– Household products
– Fertilizer products

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