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Dyna Tonic 780Ml

Dyna Tonic 780Ml is an immune booster and anti-aging tonic that contains a blend of various herbal ingredients, each known for their potential health benefits. The tonic is designed to invigorate the body, promote vitality, and support overall well-being.

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Why you should take Dynatonic

Dynatonic is a product of dynapharm

Vitality and Energy Enhancement:

Experience increased vitality and energy as Dyna Tonic invigorates your body, supporting a more active and vibrant lifestyle.

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Usage Guidelines: For Dynatonic

100% Organic

Follow these recommended directions for optimal results:

First week:

  • Consume 1/2 cup (15ml) each time.

Following weeks:

  • Increase to 1 cup (30ml) each time.


  • Take twice a day for maximum benefits.

Dynatonic Quality

Revitalize your life with Dyna Tonic 780Ml – where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness. Embrace a natural path to a healthier, more vibrant you!

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Benefits of Dynatonic

Helps eliminate dampness and promotes vital energy circulation.

Strengthens the stomach and may aid in preventing miscarriage.

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Bring back the Energy


Assists in invigorating vital energy and clearing heat.

Relieves spasm and alleviates pain.

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Dynatonic 780ML

Our unique blend of herbal ingredients has been carefully selected for their potential health benefits, offering you a natural way to invigorate your body and promote vitality.





“Invigorates the liver and kidney, benefiting essence and blood.
Helps with issues like baldness, backache, and joint weakness.
May assist in reducing serum cholesterol and relieving atherosclerosis.”


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