Dynapharm Health talk – Maharani Herba Warisan

For women of all ages, We highly recommend Herba pills. It will give you the energy you deserve.


Here are some of the benefits of Maharani

Formulated using 16 precious herbs which have excellent power to improve women’s overall well- being.

Health Benefits:

  • Helps to relieve menstrual pain, excessive white discharge and flatulence.
  • Helps to regulate menstrual cycle.
  • Helps to treat Fibroids
  • Promotes recovery after child birth.
  • Promotes youthful and healthy skin and reduces growth of unwanted facial hairs.
  • Helps strengthen, support and align the uterine wall.
  • Improves blood circulation prior to the menstrual cycle.
  • Improves fertility in women.
  • Contracts the uterine muscle after child birth.
  • Helps to balance female hormones known to reduce menopause symptoms like hot flushes.
  • Promotes youth and healthy skin

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