Di Grow Fertilizer: Everything you Need Know


Product NameD.I. Grow Foliar Fertilizer
Product DescriptionLiquid fertilizer with patented US formula based on Acadian seaweed, containing macro and micro ionic elements, plant growth hormones, and humic acid.
VariantsD.I. GROW Green (Growth booster) and D.I. GROW Red (Fruits and Flower enhancer) in sizes of 250 ml, 1 liter, and 4 liters.
ApplicationPrimarily for fruits, vegetables, cereals, oil crops, seedlings, root tubes, and horticultural crops.
Company ExpertiseProfessional formulation addressing growth problems caused by nutrient deficiency, pH imbalances, poor soil structure, and water retention issues.
DistributionDynapharm Africa distributes, impacting agricultural development and yielding significantly higher returns for farmers.
Company BackgroundDynapharmlab Associate Sdn Bhd specializes in manufacturing, developing, and marketing foliar fertilizers. Expanding market both locally and abroad.
MissionDelivering high-quality fertilizers for increased yields at reduced costs.
Soil ChallengesIssues include low organic carbon, nutrient depletion, and low biodiversity.
Causes of Soil SicknessContinuous land usage without rest, lack of organic material replenishment.

Unlock the potential of your agricultural endeavors with D.I. GROW fertilizer. Developed with a patented US formula centered around Acadian seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), this liquid fertilizer boasts complete ionic elements—both macro (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S) and micro (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mo, B, Cl). What sets it apart? Plant-based growth hormones, including auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins, foster unparalleled plant growth. Additionally, its infusion of humic acid liberates soil nutrients, optimizing their availability to plants.

D.I. GROW offers versatility with two variations: D.I. GROW Green (a growth booster) and D.I. GROW Red (ideal for fruits and flowers), each available in three sizes (250 ml, 1 liter, and 4 liters). Crafted by Dynapharm Associate, a premier member of the Dynapharm companies, these fertilizers cater primarily to fruit, vegetable, cereal, oil crop, seeding, root tube, and horticultural crop production.

Designed to address growth impediments stemming from nutrient deficiency, adverse pH levels, poor soil structure, and limited water retention capacity, our fertilizers stand out as non-toxic, eco-friendly, and compatible with fungicides and pesticides.

Dynapharm Africa proudly champions the distribution of this high-caliber product, a crucial driver of agricultural development across Africa. Within this manual, delve into the transformative impact of D.I. GROW fertilizers, which have consistently elevated crop and animal production. Farmers utilizing D.I. GROW boast a staggering 50-300% higher return on investment.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, Dynapharmlab Associate Sdn Bhd

Dynapharmlab Associate Sdn Bhd: Pioneering Agricultural Growth

Established in 2003 as part of the esteemed DNG Group, Dynapharmlab Associate Sdn Bhd specializes in the manufacture, development, and marketing of cutting-edge foliar fertilizers. Our focus? Supplying fertilizers tailored for fruit trees, vegetables, cereals, seedlings, and horticultural crops. Our formulations address growth impediments arising from nutrient deficiency, pH imbalances, subpar soil structure, and inadequate water retention.

Emboldened by promising results in commercial experimental plots, we’re extending our reach to agricultural sectors both locally and internationally. Our mission? Delivering top-tier fertilizers to empower cultivators, enabling higher yields at reduced costs.


Witness the Impact: Farmers march with D.I. Grow harvest on the streets of Kampala, Uganda (top). Henry of Mityana District presents a pumpkin cultivated with D.I. Grow to the Minister of Agriculture, Uganda (left).

1-2 Introduction

Fertilizers: Fueling Plant Nutrition

Fertilizers serve as vital sources of plant nutrition, supplying the raw materials essential for plant growth. Foliar fertilizers, applied primarily to leaves via spraying or liquid application, play a pivotal role in this process.

General Importance of Fertilizers

Supplementing soil-derived nutrients, fertilizers dictate a plant’s productivity. Optimal nutrition ensures maximum output from these biological factories.

Fertilizer Use Worldwide

The surge in fertilizer demand parallels the need for food due to burgeoning populations, despite limited land availability. Fertilizers bridge this gap by enhancing agricultural productivity.

Why Use Fertilizers?

i. Nutrient Supplementation: Crucial for plant health. ii. Growth Enhancement: Boosts plant growth and productivity. iii. Immunity Boost: Strengthens plant resilience. iv. Soil Enhancement: Organic fertilizers improve soil quality. v. Maximizing Crop Potential: Optimizes crop yields.

Addressing Soil Sickness

Soil degradation stems from low organic carbon, nutrient depletion, and diminished biodiversity, posing a threat to agricultural sustainability.

Causes of Soil Sickness

i. Continuous Land Usage: Without allowing adequate recovery time. ii. Nutrient Depletion: Harvesting without replenishing. iii. Limited Organic Material Addition: Insufficient enrichment of soil.

Solving Soil Challenges

To counteract soil ailments, sustainable agricultural practices are imperative. Methods such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and composting aid in restoring soil fertility and structure. Implementing these practices helps mitigate the adverse effects of continuous land usage and nutrient depletion.

Advantages of D.I. GROW Fertilizer

D.I. GROW stands as a beacon of sustainable agricultural advancement:

i. Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: Facilitates efficient nutrient uptake by plants. ii. Promotes Growth Hormones: Harnesses plant growth hormones for optimal development. iii. Soil Nutrient Liberation: Frees up soil nutrients, ensuring availability for plants. iv. Environmental Compatibility: Non-toxic and eco-friendly, fostering sustainable farming practices. v. Multipurpose Application: Versatile variants catering to different growth stages and plant types.

Revolutionizing Agricultural Practices

D.I. GROW’s efficacy has revolutionized farming landscapes, generating a substantial increase in crop yields and quality. Farmers across diverse regions acclaim the transformative impact on their agricultural ventures.

Testimonials: Impactful Results

Farmers utilizing D.I. GROW report exceptional outcomes—remarkable improvements in yield quantity and quality. Witnessing a surge of 50-300% in returns on investment, these testimonials stand testament to the product’s efficacy and economic viability.

Join the Agricultural Revolution

Be part of the paradigm shift in agriculture. Embrace D.I. GROW’s innovation and witness your agricultural pursuits flourish sustainably and profitably.

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