Better Farm Yield with Di Grow During Planting Stage

Dynapharm Di Grow is an efficient and reliable organic fertilizer that guarantees optimal growth and production of crops while gradually improving soil physical properties and reducing soil fertilizer consumption by over 30%. Made from Acadian seaweed, this liquid organic plus foliar fertilizer provides all the macro and micro nutrients that plants need, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, manganese, and boron.


Advantages of Dynapharm Di Grow Fertilizer:

  1. High nitrogen content – improves vegetative growth and yield
  2. Correct ratio of phosphorus and potassium – increases the rate of metabolism and photosynthesis in plants
  3. Addition of micronutrients like magnesium, iron, and zinc – ensures enhanced nutrient uptake capacity in plants, therefore improving crop performance, quality, taste, and appearance of the produce
  4. Contains micronutrients that protect crops from certain diseases by boosting immunity against bacterial and fungal diseases such as black rot in cabbage and cauliflower, late blight disease in potatoes, and tomato wilt disease
  5. Micronutrients help increase coloration, flavor, size, and overall crop yield.

Using Dynapharm Di Grow has numerous benefits, such as stimulating and promoting the development of leaves, stems, and roots, enhancing seed germination, and promoting plant development and maturity. Additionally, it prevents premature dropping of leaves, buds, flowers, and fruits while encouraging chlorophyll formation.

Di Grow is suitable for all kinds of crops and ensures balanced nutrition, leading to better crop yields, performance, quality, taste, and appearance of produce. Many farmers in Kenya have been using Dynapharm Di Grow on their maize, wheat, corn, and sugarcane crops and report a 20% growth increase compared to using other fertilizers. Not only does Dynapharm Di Grow fertilizer make your plants stronger, but it also enhances their immunity against diseases, leading to higher crop prices in the market.

Using Dynapharm Di Grow is easy. Shake vigorously before use and apply in the morning or evening to avoid direct sunlight. For larger trees, increase the dose for the best results. Use 75ml in 20 liters of water.

Many farmers in Kenya are using Dynapharm Di Grow during the planting stage and Dynapharm Di Grow Red during the flowering stage, and they have reported better crop yields.

Dynapharm Di Grow is not only an efficient and reliable solution but also an affordable one that guarantees optimal growth and production of your crops. Order now and enjoy the numerous benefits of Dynapharm Di Grow.

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