A creative Poem About Nutmeg Ointment From Dynapharm

Oh Nutmeg Ointment from Dynapharm,

Your soothing powers are like a charm,

With just a touch of gentle massage,

My aches and pains begin to pass.

Nutmeg, oh Nutmeg, active and pure,

Your medicinal properties, I adore,

Reduces inflammation, eases the strain,

Leaves me feeling at ease once again.

Gentle and nourishing, your natural blend,

Easily absorbed, bringing relief to the end,

Free from any artificial color or paste,

I know your use leaves me in safe embrace.

Greasy and scented, with a calming effect,

Your application leaves my senses checked,

Temporary relief, time and again,

Your use a true, soothing and calming gain.

From children to adults, you bring relief,

Minuscule aches and pains, no more feel,

Oh Nutmeg Ointment, my sweet sweet friend,

With you, my temporary relief, my pain to end

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