7 signs of deadly diabetis

O, mark these signs of diabetes, a malady most sly,
That creeps on wings of silence, ‘fore one can espy:
Increased thirst, like parched earth for rain doth cry⁹,
Frequent urination, as if the bladder doth defy⁹,
Unwonted weight loss, as flesh doth waste and dry⁹,
Blurred vision, where clear sight doth say goodbye⁹,
Fatigue, as if in Morpheus’ arms we lie⁹,
Numbness or tingling, sensations that awry⁹,
And sores that heal not, though time doth hie⁹.

For those who seek to fend off this silent thief,
Dynapharm’s potions may offer some relief.
Their D.I. NONI, a juice of tropical leaf¹,
And INSTANT CEREAL, a morning sheaf²,
Claim to manage blood sugar, to be brief.

Yet, for knowledge deep as Pallas Athena’s own,
Healthline doth provide a light that brightly shone.
Their tomes of wisdom, in modern script shown,
Detail diabetes’ signs, causes, and treatments known⁴.

So heed these words, as health is not mere chance,
And let knowledge guide thee in this mortal dance.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 5/18/2024
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